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           Einstein Picasso Agatha and Chaplin 


How art, literature, science, travelling in time and mystery are interwined


                           By Regina Goncalves



(Available in english, french

         Rights sold South Korean and Brazil)



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   Chapter I

      The ceaseless wind repeatedly hurled the sign against the post, its mournful howling raced through the empty, dark streets, not knowing it was being followed by the steps of a young man. Alone in this strange and gloomy place, the only thing for the time traveller to do was pull his cap down over his frozen ears and shove his hands in the pockets of his huge bermuda shorts. Bewildered, Caius Zip wandered along the railways tracks until he eventually reached the next station. He had not walked long but the freezing night and a knawing hunger were discouraging him, making the walk seem endless.

         By the time he arrived at the dimly lit station, the emptiness around him was overwhelming. The station was drowned in an anguishing stillness that left him motionless but, suddenly, the moment was broken by the passing of a carriage pulled by two agitated horses trotting on the broken cobblestone paving. Caius sighed with relief and even thought of whistling to attract the coachmanís attention but his wavering disposition made him lose his chance. Annoyed, he continued to wander in the huge station. He noticed something near two iron benches and lunged towards them to find a lit lamp that had probably been left there by someone. He picked up his precious finding and set off for clues as to where he was.

       A few steps ahead, under a huge carved wood clock, was a blackboard showing some routes to French cities. There was also the name Gare Du Nord together with the next departures and arrivals. What really caught his attention, however, was the year; it was 1905. He was totally caught up in all the new information when a noise distracted his attention.

       Caius followed the strange sound that led him to the other side of the track. There was a freight train; still, waiting. He realized that the muffled noise was coming from one of the empty wagons. Impelled by his curiosity, he slowly crept up to the wagon and poked his head inside, holding the lantern over his head. At that moment, time seemed to freeze. His startled eyes glared at the twisted, deadly pale face of a man; his tongue was hanging out of his open mouth in a terrifying way. Slowly, the old and shabby beret of that almost lifeless figure slipped off his head, revealing short grey hair. The eyes, set deeply inside the sockets and surrounded by morbid black shadows, turned to Caius.They seemed to be begging for salvation but the brightness of despair slowly died away and was replaced by a deep emptiness. The limp body of the man was still erect but his hands, that had been grabbing his neck, slowly slipped down over his torn overcoat exposing the wire that had strangled him. An intense feeling of nausea almost knocked Caius back. The lantern swung violently, shedding its light on yet another figure behind the body, holding the wire that held up the corpse. The figure was tall with brown hair, wearing a black suit. The moment he faced the young intruder, his killer hands released the victim and turned into deadly claws, ready to pounce on the new prey. His upper lip curled into a cruel grin, exposing canine teeth that sent a violent shudder of fear though Caiusís body. Caius took a deep breath but the air clogged in his dry throat. He could not unglue his panic-stricken eyes from the predator and his trembling legs would not fully respond to his survival instinct. Those wretched seconds seemed endless to him as he tried aimlessly to think of an escape route. The man with the wild eyes took one step in his direction. At that very moment...

                            To Be Continued





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 The dialogue about the theory of relativity, between Caius, Einstein, Picasso, Agatha, Andrť Salmon, the poet, and Getrude Stein, the sponsor of the novice Picasso, at the Spanish painterís atelier  on how art, literature, science, travelling in time and mystery are intertwined..