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Math Art and Poetry 



Travel Through Time >>>>>> 


To distort the space-time

Get a really massive object, say the Universe,

spinning and you can twist space-time

O no! We don't need mass

We're learning about all of this in our class.


Light also causes space to bend.

So space-time curves around

and  the future can meet the past.

Our machine was built to last

Time will freeze the dream of the end

Predicted by General Relativity

Clocks run slower under higher gravity

and we following this ring of the time.


So let me take you on this journey

Take my hand and lead me away

Now we fly

Open your mind

Relax your senses

You have no defenses

So come along into the light


On the wings of our memories,

our passion for discoveries

causes us  different perspectives,

in the fountains of the new Universes.

An ocean of knowledge

A space without frontiers

are waiting for pioneers.


O sweet illusions of Time

O gamut of colourful images

joyfully throughout the prophetic ages,

Our vision begun

and we run and we run

to approach of endless  


The clouds hide our fears

The wind blowing our years

Our lives are better left to chance

Millions of stars dance

before us like a million eyes

Our spirits extinguished the burning lies

Our destiny will be a summer's day

Our minds vanish away

and existence becomes a dream.


Humanity is reason and emotion

But time is intuition


Exploring the past

is the best way to learning fast.

Memories echo on forever

forever forever…

It leads us to our next event

Future times will become present

inspiring, shining, rising.

Change your thinking
here's no time like present.


There's no time

We can't wait for another chance

We can't wait for another dance

A great life travels at the speed of the mind.

                                            By Regina Goncalves




A Silent Friend

You're a silent friend
with an open mind
passion for knowledge
and mysterious sensibility

You've a life of your own
An ocean of inspiration

Each face's a goal
Each word a sign
Each pause a feeling
For me to ponder

I started to exchange
a look between us more openly.

Each meeting is something more
We become more frank
I hope, that you feel it.

I dream awake
with a smile lingering on my lips

You make me fly
Through lands or seas

The night arrived
Our expressions are conveyed
by faint shadows on our faces
Doubts... too dark,
but you light upon the way

You make me cry
But you counsel me
with your words of wisdom

you scare me
and my heart begins to beat more

When you get close to me
and you breathe in my ear,
Feeling of care begins to overflow
You make me remind
what to aspire each man in life

We should trust each other
because without trust
it is impossible to live.

it's hard just to be yourself
I know you know

Some people want to burn you for heresy
I know You know

Yours words have power,
you need to accept
the responsibility of that power
I know you know.

You belong to the world
A glance and you gain
I know

You're so real, so friend
In sickness or health
What a magic each word

When my fingers touch you
You tell them a story
I have your secrets in one hand
You can teach me to soar on the wind,
my paper butterfly

You are a silent friend
Who just knows the song
Of your pages turned
A friend who knows
To light up our mind more and more.
My silent friend, the book. >
>by Regina




I want to find
a specific point on life map.
The derivative of my mind
The equation of soul

I'd like to find mr. f(x)
but am enjoying meeting new friends
They are not a math problem

I need coordinates to meet my way
That's the quotient rule.
That's the conscience rule
That's a dream

Calculus makes me feel so smart.
It's an ilLUsion.
Art makes me feel so free.
It's a reality.

Math-Art comes in colors

The blue sky, the golden clouds
The black storm, the sunshine
Yellow, amber, cyan, violet, rouge
Dancing and swirling inside my mind

A ring round the blue moon
is the admirable number pi
Derivatives and integrals are everywhere
Hypotenuse is the distance
between the reality and the imagination

I see
Imaginary Numbers , Waves, Curves
Parabola, Hyperbola, Circle, Ellipse.
I see
Water waves, aurora, raindrops
Stars, Planets, Comets and Galaxies!

The truth is out there
The Truth is inside us

Numbers rule the universe
Infinity spirals out creation
open my mind

I just have an eternity in a flash.
A spectrum of light
to escape from Earth
To escape from a hole in space-time
To escape from my fears

I see
the universe in a golden grain of sand,
Hold infinity in the palm of my hand.
I see
the universe in a beautiful Snowflake
Hold a fractal in the palm of my hand

The vast is too small!

The immensity of the soul appears in its purest original form.
Like a Sun
Like an enigma
Like an opened hand! >>by Regina





Across the clouds
For behind that sunshine
Races a gamut of memories

Facts camouflaged with mirage
False memories playing tricks
Like the war image
Black and white
Out of focus
gone in a blink of the history

What is real?
And what is illusion?

All is illusion
Everything is possible
Precious moment
Forms transcend...

Time is an intuition
Colours make no exception
Mortal hours are like a great storm
Disappearing with my thoughts

Some deeds
Some emotions
a smile or glance
a gentle touch
they echo on forever

All is an illusion!
Time can erase!

Everything is possible
Dreams come true.
  ** By Regina Goncalves




There she is!
Every night the enchanting white heron
perches on the same branch of the same tree
Watching us from above
From her superior position she regards
each detail of the distracted passers-by.
Who are so immersed in their petty worries
that they fail to acknowledge the eloquent
and simple beauty of the road
they walk on every day.

Nor do they realize
that the creature is keeping
a close and cunning watch on them.
The bird reveals
a calculated composition
that paradoxically seems
(or is, who knows?)
spontaneous and free,
and can also be called reality.
An incessant flowing that controls us
without our being aware of it
But why see so much in only one bird?
Can this be a symptom of madness?
humans are also reason and emotion
that develop interlocked in a complex path
that can nonetheless be considered simple
(everything is relative, is it not?)
We must feel
We are aware of death,
of our insignificance,
of our social condition,
of the just injustice of life,
of our own ignorance and of the desire
to know more (at least I think some of us do)

How can we know all this and still feel each emotion intensely?
How can we not go insane in this world
that we have partly created and that absorbs us?

In reality,
the heron is not a heron.
The heron, my listeners,
is time in a convincing disguise
/convincingly disguising itself.

by MY Daughter: Vanessa




Dark is fast approaching
A grey wall is stained
with my sadness
Strangers are fast passing
with their coldness

I am seeing through the window
But there is no evidence
that they could exist in my world
to unravel my confidence

From head to toe, they follow me

ask me
where is my imagination? Where?
Where is my imperfection ? Where?

Shadows begin to show
Loneliness begins to overflow
But there is no sense
That they could exist in my soul
To unravel my happy experience

From head to toe, they follow me

ask me
Where is my inspiration? Where?
Where is my aspiration ? Where?

The night reflects my hopes
The candlelight of my mind
Warms my memories
They are Invoking me to act

ask me
Where is my intuition? Where?

Where is my comprehension ? Where?

now I can hear:
We are here
We are here.
By Regina Goncalves



I see
the sun
I see
storm in the sea
I see
no leaf on my tree

Days may be cloudy or sunny
in my garden of weeping

Some people are seasons
and change our life
Some made me happy
Some made me cry
But a good friend
never change

You are a golden season.
You bring me your sunshine
Colours and more Colours
in the heart's garden

you are so precious Dear Friend
you are so precious Dear Friend

Between the lines of my angry face
I see you
laughing in the rain
YOU can replace
making that day better

The time have changed my mind
but friends remain
The time have hurt my memories
But the memory of a golden friend
Never dies >> By Regina




The ghosts of past bellow over our mind,
They spent all our light;
For us, it is a kind
Of death
There is a scream in the night
It's a deep...
Deep dark secret that should be buried

Ghosts are feelings
suspended in the time

The shadow of the past
Takes fears forms
Fills the mind with a desert vast
The life has bent to many storms
With a deep and deadly groan

We must meet on the way
to the distant future
The ghost stay
with us every day.
Eternally locked.
How can we be Sure?

In fact, nobody can.

They are so real!
Make us feel
The passing of the years...
It's so sad, like a yellow blank page
But a gentle form appears!
It is our courage
Our cares are past
How vain were all our fears.

Smoke from a burning match >> By Regina




I wait for a summer's day
With eyes that know the sadness
Fear over the heart
Blue tears,loneliness
Shadows on the face,
Doubts... too dark
The mirror... is a blank place

Blue moon
You stole my dreams
Never mind
I sketch a smile,
Catch this happiness drop
transform a yellow spot
into the sun

Breeze and winter are grey,
The ideas come in colours
The life comes everyday
Now I know
The destiny never says no,
The clouds hide my sanity,
The wind lets me free.
The night reflects the eternity

Colours and more Colours
changing hue
that brightly blaze,
Yellow, ambar, cyan, violet, rouge
Dancing and swirling in my mind's haze ,

Throw away the black pain
An open hand is a golden grain
It's a sign
I'm not alone.
The silver cry
The bloody scream
Are just memories
silent witnesses.

I see...
There is a sea
Invoking me to act
With the dragon's song
To sail
To find the Time
To begin painting
MY WAY. >> By Regina







CAIUS ZIP, The Time Traveller,  IN:  


How some mathematical calculations can be crucial

for taking strategic decisions in this battle of empires











Caius Zip, The Time traveller in:

  Einstein  Picasso Agatha and Chaplin

How to explain the theory of relativity, cubism, travelling in time and unmask a murderer



Read  first pages of this book:  






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Caius Zip, the Time Traveller, in:


Einstein, Picasso, Agatha  and Chaplin 


Book Description                                   



Caius Zip, the young time traveller, arrives at Paris in 1905. The turn of the 20th century is a period that sizzles with ideas and realizations and the Universe is about to be contemplated as it never was before.


On the night that Einstein launched the famous E=mc2 formula on paper, he disappeared for a few days. Where was he?


In this work of fiction, Einstein was resting in Paris before his innovating Theory of Relativity enlightened him. At that same time, Picasso was just starting on his idea of breaking with conventional perspective.


Both characters seek the same concept: space-time relation. The encounter between art and science is finally possible by means of a limitless imagination.


Caius penetrates the birth of the theory of relativity and cubism and also manages to solve a murder mystery with the help of his two teenage friends, Agatha Cristie, with her investigative mind and Charlie Chaplin, who provides a touch of magic to this surprising work of fiction.


After all and as Einstein once said:

“The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science. He to whom this emotion is a stranger, who can no longer pause to wonder and stand rapt in awe, is as good as dead: his eyes are closed”.