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Book Sandwich




  Manioc: the story of

the alike but different




Blanked Out





Ramses II and

the Battle of Kadesh





































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Founded in 2010, in Rio de Janeiro - Brazil, publishes books that
broaden the cultural horizons of the reader of all ages, while entertaining, educating and encouraging readers to reflect on the presented topics.

The children´s books tell stories in a poetic manner and are illustrated
with drawings, paintings, collages, ethnic textures, nature photographs,
juxtaposing a wide range of symbols and techniques in a refined
graphic presentation.

The “Caius Zip, the Time Traveller” series is a historical fiction
dedicated to young readers and adults. It is packed with mystery and
suspense stories that combine and integrate a wide range of fields of
knowledge, such as History, Art, Philosophy and Science.




  Mathematics – What beast is this?


    Rights sold to South Korea



  Einstein, Picasso Agatha and Chaplin  


    Rights sold to South Korea









                        Our catalogue here

All our books are available in English or Spanish

for publishers who are interested in buying foreign rights.














  Lizzy Shinning Poetry                             Blanked Out


 Sea of Forgotten Memories              Manioc: the story of the

                                                                                     alike   but different   



            Ubuntu                                            Book Sandwich




Caius Zip, The Time Traveller    


                                               Historical fiction 

Available in English


     Age 15 + and adult



Santos Dumont – Flight is for everyone


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D. Pedro II and the Journalist Koseritz
























D. Dom Pedro II and the journalist Koseritz
Compact Version

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Hannibal and Archimedes 

 (Available in English)



        Age 13+





Einstein Picasso Agatha and Chaplin

(Available in english, french

         Rights sold South Korean and Brazil)


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The Phantom of the Opera Carmen

      Music Art Science and e Mystery

            (Available in english)

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Alexander and Aristotle

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 Age 11+


Napoleon Bonaparte in Russia

  (Available in english)







Ramses II and the Battle of Kadesh

- Learning Geometry with the great Pharaoh

 (Available in english and french)


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Mathematics – What beast is that?

 (Available in english --- Rights sold South Korean)

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